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Infant Program

My First Days Daycare & Learning Center of Toledo, Ohio proudly offers full-day infant child care at two Centers in Northwest Ohio. Our Daycare & Learning Centers are licensed by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services and accredited by the Star-Quality program; a National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). Children enrolled in My First Days programming are cared for in a positive, clean, safe, caring and nurturing environment. All Administration and staff are well trained in early childhood education and follow age-appropriate lesson plans that are designed to stimulate children’s minds as well as provide a fun and creative day for your child.

Our Infant Environment

Your baby is precious to us. Our infant program is designed to meet the needs of newborns 6 weeks of age to one 18 months old. We will rock, coo, sing, smile and develop a close bond with your baby. At these early stages of development the infant is beginning to discover themselves, the people who care for him or her, and the environment around them. Our specially designed program provides a warm, secure and comforting setting. Through planned experiences and individual attention your infant will get all the necessary help and development connections he or she will need for later learning.

Every child is an individual and will follow their own unique path toward developing.
 However, infant teachers know the developmental milestones and are there to help your little one reach for them daily. Our Teachers ensure your baby engages in all of the activities necessary for them to reach the milestones. Our administrators and staff know how to encourage your child at these wonderful milestones. For example, if your infant is close to pulling up and raising their head up by themselves, the teacher might plan some of the motor activities that stimulate neck and back muscle development. Tummy time is a great way to accomplish that.

    Program Goals:

    • To care for infants in a warm, affectionate way that lets each child know that they are a special person, including the physical affection and cuddling that is so important at this stage of development.
    • To meet each child’s physical, intellectual, as well as social and emotional needs completely.
    • To implement strict sanitation procedures that aide in ensuring a safe and clean environment.
    • To provide opportunities for exploring, learning and social interaction through a variety of daily activities.
    • To prepare activities to stimulate the senses recognizing that infants learn through the use of their eyes, fingers, sense of taste and smell.
    • To care for children in small groups to prevent over-stimulation and to provide opportunities for one on one interactions between children and staff.
    • To provide opportunity for the use of large and small motor skills with both indoor and outdoor activities.
    • To establish a safe environment for exploration.
    • To provide a consistency between Day Care and Home Care practices that will be most beneficial to the infant and will offer the parents an opportunity to influence the kind of care that their child receives.
    • To establish an observation system in which a daily outline on children is kept.
    • To be supportive of parents encouraging involvement, encouraging open and honest communication while using tact and discretion.