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Computers – 5 Years & Older

My First Days Daycare & Learning Center: Kids Computer Skills 2017 Launch

What Skills Will Your Child Need for the Future?

Computer Skills

While computer skills are a core requirement for children in this digital age, there is a big difference in the life skills and success of children with basic computer skills  when compared with others who lack basic computer skills. We will be launching our computer program January 2017 using Discovery Kids Puterbugs which is the only software in the world that is exclusively designed to teach young children everything from using basic mouse, keyboard, and navigational skills to more advanced mobile concepts, such as networks, satellites, cell phones, hotspots, wireless, email and the Internet. These sophisticated concepts are introduced in a fun and age-appropriate way that the children can understand. Computers are always integrated as a tool, not taught in isolation or by using any off-the-shelf software. This results in a genuine understanding and appreciation of technology by children, They learn, how and why computer proficiency is an important tool in their future.

Academic Skills

Discovery Kids Puterbugs has received national recognition, focused in particular on how the curriculum and software integrate early literacy skills in such a unique and creative approach. All 4 aspects of literacy – early reading, writing, communication and listening skills – are threaded throughout the computer detective missions in each class. Also, preschool and kindergarten enrichment concepts such as colors, letters, sight words, days of the week, shapes, and spatial skills are integrated in the story lines of each lesson. Discovery Kids Puterbugs brings typical preschool and kindergarten curriculum to the 21st century, in a fun and safe learning environment.

Teamwork & Social Skills

Teamwork and social skills are important to develop at a young age. After children receive their own personalized computer detective badges, they feel like a team of detectives. Each child is heard, and gets to express his or her ideas during the introductory team-building lessons. The children feel like they work cooperatively as a team to accomplish their mission of the day, yet individually they move ahead at their own pace on the computer.

Thinking & Problem-Solving

At My First Days Daycare & Learning Center computer skills, children will think and solve problems in each of our classes through a series of listening exercises.  They answer questions as a “computer detective” to learn and apply the basic technology concepts they will use for years to come.


Children build self-confidence throughout the class, as they complete a series of activities to accomplish the mission. At end of each class, they receive a virtual gold medal, trophy or certificate, and they are rewarded with a star on their computer detective badges. Throughout the class, the Discovery Kids Puterbugs slogan is reinforced: ‘I can do anything…if I put my mind to it!’ Children develop a feeling of success, which will carry over into in all aspects of life.